Digital Asset Standard (DAS) API

The most comprehensive and performant API for tokens, NFTs, and compressed NFTs on Solana.


The Digital Asset Standard (DAS) API is an open-source specification and system that provides a unified interface for interacting with digital assets (tokens, NFTs, etc). The API supports both regular and compressed NFTs. Some methods (e.g. "getAssetProof") are exclusively for compressed assets.
The DAS API adheres to the OpenRPC specification and behaves as an extension to the regular Solana RPC Spec. The endpoint is shared with our RPC endpoint:
  • Devnet
  • Mainnet

OpenRPC Specification

The RPC methods are documented via the OpenRPC specification.

DAS Methods

The DAS endpoints allow users to query both regular and compressed NFTs. The getAsset and getAssetProof methods provide the Merkle tree data that is required when interacting with compressed NFTs (transfer, burn, etc).

Off-chain Indexing

Most NFT collections store additional metadata such as attributes and image urls off-chain. Typically the data is hosted on Arweave or IPFS. DAS allows you to retrieve this information alongside your regular NFT data within a single API call. It does this by indexing all the off-chain data.
Please note that data mutations that happen off-chain cannot be detected by Helius. The off-chain data will be updated once the NFT is seen by the system again (e.g. NFT is modified on-chain). If you need the off-chain to be re-indexed for a collection please contact Helius support.

Methods available using Helius:

Get an asset by its ID. Note: we've enhanced this with our CDN to ensure speedy token metadata retrieval.
Get a list of transaction signatures related to a compressed asset.
Search for assets by a variety of parameters. Very useful for token-gating!
Get a merkle proof for a compressed asset by its ID.
Get a list of assets owned by an address. This is the fastest way to get all the NFTs owned by a wallet on Solana.
Get a list of assets by a group key and value. This endpoint is very useful for getting the mintlist for NFT Collections.
Get a list of assets with a specific authority.
Get a list of assets created by an address.