Helius RPCs Overview

Solana's most loved RPC nodes.

What is the Solana RPC API?

To interact with blockchain data, you must use an RPC node. Here is a brief explainer on how RPCs on Solana work:
How Solana RPCs Work
External link to Helius Blog post about RPC fundamentals.

What makes Helius RPCs Different?

At Helius, we are Solana natives. We've been here since the beginning — and unlike other providers, we are exclusively on the Solana blockchain — focused on perfecting the Solana experience.
We pride ourselves in having the most well-rounded RPC offering in the entire ecosystem. Top 1% in performance, top 1% in pricing, and the most consistent uptime, no surprises. If you run into any issues, we provide best-in-class 24/7 support to help unblock you and keep you moving forward.
Here's a recent benchmark by a developer in the Solana ecosystem, showing Helius has the lowest average latency and the highest speeds. But you shouldn't take our word for it, we've made a tool so you can test & benchmark your RPCs with built-in docs, here.

How to use Helius RPCs?

Simply generate an API key at and your RPC URLs will be created for you. We provide controls to fine-tune your RPC access patterns (only allow requests from certain IPs or domains). You can configure these in our dev portal.

RPC Documentation, Testing, and Benchmarks

We've created an open-source tool for you to test, benchmark, and learn the Solana RPC methods in an interactive way, with code samples. Think Postman but for Solana RPCs — you can find it here:

Dedicated Nodes

We also provide dedicated and private RPC nodes at best-in-class rates for serious power users. These are necessary for the lowest possible latencies. Please message us on Discord to get started.