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Pricing & Rate Limits

Flexible pricing for all your needs. Switch plans or cancel at anytime. Start in under 5 seconds.

Pricing Plans

We currently offer four self-serve subscription tiers as well as custom tailor-made plans for your needs.
500k Credits*
10M Credits*
200M Credits*
500M Credits*
10 RPC requests per second
50 RPC requests per second
150 RPC requests per second
500 RPC requests per second
2 API DAS requests per second
10 API DAS requests per second
50 API DAS requests per second
100 API DAS requests per second
1 Webhook
3 Webhooks
10 Webhooks
20 Webhooks
1 API Key
10 API Keys
15 API Keys
20 API Keys
Chat Support (Discord)
24/7 Chat Support (Telegram/Slack)
Priority Chat & Phone Support (Telegram/Slack)
Enterprise Plans Need a tailored plan? Create a custom plan with higher performance and throughput, dedicated infrastructure, volume pricing, 24/7 priority support engineers, usage optimization, and more. Starting at $900/mo. Click here to contact our team.


Credits vary by usage. RPC calls are 1 credit with one exception (getProgramAccounts which is 10 credits). DAS calls are 1 credit. Webhook pushes are 1 credit. DAS API and Priority Fee API calls are 1 credit. Finally, Enhanced Transactions API and Mint API calls are 100 credits. Overages apply if monthly credits are exceeded on paid plans, rates vary depending on the plan (see below). Consider upgrading your plan if you are incurring overages. If you need more than 500M credits (Performance Plan), contact us to chat about custom plans.
+$8 per additional 1 million calls
+$5 per additional 1 million calls
+$4 per additional 1 million calls

Payment Methods

Pay with credit card or in crypto. We also offer automatic crypto payments! Check out our quick demo video below (30 seconds).