Archival Datalake

Get access to all of Solana's data.
If you're looking for archival RPC data, please see Solana RPC Nodes


As Solana native engineers, we've devised ways of backfilling historical Solana data in a very efficient manner, without the typical gaps in data you're used to seeing from other providers. We've stored all of Solana's historical data in our cloud storage and continue to store every new block as soon as it's produced on-chain. Fully fault-tolerant and with data completeness guarantees.
Accessing historical data via archival datalakes is — in general — much more economic than using RPCs.
This option is only available for Business or Enterprise plan subscribers. To see our pricing, please see Pricing & Rate Limits.

Types of Data

We've currently stored two types of historical Solana data:
  • Full archive of raw Solana blocks dating back to genesis. Queryable by block. Works with AWS S3 plugins like Spark!
  • Full archive of all Solana NFT transactions ever (NFT sales, NFT listings, etc) dating back to genesis. Queryable by transaction type, marketplace, collection, or time/slot ranges. See Broken link.
If you'd like access to this data, please contact us on Discord or Telegram.