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What is Helius?

The Ultimate Solana developer experience.

What is Helius?

Solana's scale presents challenges such as costly, slow RPC nodes, unreliable data streaming, and cryptic on-chain transactions. We exist to tackle these issues head-on with you.
We founded Helius to help you build better, cheaper, and faster on Solana.

What Does Helius Offer?

  • Solana RPCs
  • Enhanced APIs and Indexers
  • Webhooks and Websockets
  • 24/7 Developer Support

Solana RPCs

Helius RPCs are powered by the highest end hardware, ensuring your app will perform at its best, reliably, with no drama. Solana's most battle-tested RPCs, trusted by thousands. Global coverage with data centers across North America, Europe, and Asia and 99.99% uptime SLAs. Choose from global pooled or dedicated RPC nodes for the lowest possible latency. Gain an edge in speed and performance with Geyser plugins. We pride ourselves in having the best 24/7 developer support in the ecosystem.
For advanced users like traders, bot developers, and exchanges — dedicated low latency Geyser streaming and dedicated RPCs are available upon request. We usually can get you started in under an hour. Fill out this form to request dedicated RPCs and learn more.
Benchmarking different RPCs.

DAS API and Compression

Solana's most powerful development tool.
With DAS API, you get access to the most versatile and performant NFT and token API on Solana.
With compression, you get access to the most cost-efficient way of minting large numbers of digital assets in all of crypto.

Enhanced Solana APIs

Making sense of Solana data is challenging, as it often appears as series of long, obscure byte data without context. This makes it difficult for you and your users to understand what's going on.
The Enhanced Transactions APIs solve this by providing enriched, descriptive context. Instead of opaque bytes, you see the details of on-chain transactions, such as whether they are NFT listings, DEX swaps, DeFi loans, or DAO votes.

Webhooks and Websockets

Webhooks allow you to respond to on-chain events in real-time. With built-in support for over 70 transaction types and low-latency event streaming, you can automate your app's interactions with the Solana blockchain without spending time on complex smart contract parsers. You can subscribe to different transaction types or account changes. The best part? You can input up to 100 thousand addresses into a single webhook.